Kid Crayon 


Kid Crayon is an Urban Contemporary artist based in Bristol. He attended the University of the West of England, where he studied 2D Animation. After a few bad experiences in the industry he began focusing purely on Illustration and Mural art. These Animation influences have heavily influenced his painting style and the desire to tell stories in his work.

The artwork he creates often centers around human figures and is rooted in Hip Hop, skateboard and graffiti culture.

Kid Crayon makes up one half of the art duo EAT crew and also paints in the London based collective “Gums and Tongue”. He tries to focus most of his energy on personal projects and fills his time traveling, painting and collaborating with other artists. Kid Crayon continues to push his creative practice and uses art to positively enhance public spaces.

If you have a wall, office or expensive sports car that needs know who to call